Allergies and Sensitivities to “Inactive” Ingredients in Commercial Products

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Commercially available medications are manufactured by drug companies for the general population without regard to common ingredient sensitivities of special populations. Did you know that many oral pharmaceuticals on the shelves today contain inactive ingredients such as lactose, sugar, gluten, preservatives, chemical sweeteners, artificial colors/dyes and coating agents? For the majority of patients, these filler ingredients don’t pose a problem, but for patients who have sensitivities or allergies to these ingredients, they can cause problems ranging from a headache or tummy troubles all the way to anaphylactic reactions.

How Can Compounds Help?

If you have a suspicion that you may have a sensitivity to the inactive ingredients in your medications, let us know. Since the pharmacists at Abrams Royal Pharmacy specialize in compounding medications for the sensitive patient, we’re uniquely equipped to formulate medications without the fillers, colors and other chemical additives found in manufactured products that can cause issues for delicate systems.