+ Do compounded medications require a prescription?

Yes, compounded medications require a prescription from a licensed medical provider. Our compounding pharmacists would be happy to consult with your healthcare provider regarding the personalization of your medication to best suit your needs.

+ How do I refill a prescription?

Phone: Call the pharmacy and use our automated system or speak directly with a pharmacy team member

Website: Click the REFILL button and follow the prompts to enter your prescription information. You may also set up an account to make future refills easier.

Mobile App: Download our mobile app and follow the prompts to enter your prescription information. You may also set up an account to make future refills easier.

+ What can I do to ensure a successful refill experience?

When placing your refill request, please contact the pharmacy three full weekdays in advance (Monday through Friday).

Please make note of your refill status on the bottom left of your prescription label. If your practitioner needs to be contacted for refills, this could delay your order by an additional one to two days depending on your practitioner’s office requirements.

Heading out of town for the holidays? Be sure to call several days in advance so we have ample time to complete your prescription. Many practitioner’s offices close early during the holidays, so please plan accordingly.

+ Why do you ask for three full weekdays (Monday-Friday) to refill a compounded medication?

Compounded prescriptions are made specifically for each individual patient; therefore, they take longer to prepare. The average compounded medication takes close to an hour to complete, and we fill over 100 compounds per day. If you have an emergency prescription or situation, we always do our best to complete these orders as quickly as possible (often the same day as requested).

+ Can I have my order sent to me?

Yes! We have partnered with respected couriers and shipping companies to offer this service at the lowest rates possible for our customers. We also have options for FREE shipping.

+ Can I have my prescription and/or nutritional supplement auto-refilled?

Absolutely! Sign up for our auto-refill program for your prescription and/pr nutritional supplements and either pick up your order at the pharmacy, or we can have them delivered to your door for your convenience.

+ How do I transfer my prescription to Abrams Royal Pharmacy?

It’s easy! Simply give us a call with your prescription information or fill out our online transfer form and we will handle the rest.

+ Does Abrams Royal Pharmacy file my prescription insurance?

We do not file with any insurance carrier; however, we provide a Universal Compounded Medication Claim Form with every compounded prescription. If compounded medications are covered under your plan, then the insurance company will reimburse you directly.

+ How do I learn more about what vitamins and nutritional supplements I should be taking?

One thing we love to do, is to educate and help our customers become as healthy as possible, in the most natural way possible. Be sure to attend our free monthly webinars for a deep dive into a variety of health topics.

Also, we are always available for any nutritional or pharmaceutical questions you may have. If you need more comprehensive and personalized information we offer one-on-one wellness consultations with a pharmacist.

+ Is it safe to order my nutritional supplements online?

Abrams Royal Pharmacy carries dozens of professional grade and condition specific supplement lines, many of which are only through licensed healthcare professionals. We pride ourselves on setting the standard for offering the highest quality and innovative nutritional formulas in the professional marketplace and are delighted to be able to offer these formulas in our pharmacies and through trusted online platforms for your convenience. Shop now.

+ How Are Bob And Janie Doing?

Thanks for asking! Mom and Dad are doing great and are enjoying “retirement”. Dad still pops into the pharmacies every once in a while, but they spend most of their time on their property in east Texas, tending to the landscape, driving Jill and Juju (the dog and cat) around in the golf cart and enjoying their time together.