Get ready for a giggle at my expense on this one, folks! I promise, there’s a health lesson in it.

We all have that friend who has food allergies or preferences which makes ordering straight from a menu an outright impossibility. No croutons, extra tomato, an apple pie a la mode, but with strawberry instead of vanilla ice cream – you know the drill. As a compounding pharmacist, I see this on a different scale when patients have allergies to “inactive” ingredients in standard manufactured medications that can cause serious reactions. However, I never really considered myself to be one of “those” people. Sure, I have some seasonal allergies and perfume and cigarette smoke will give me a wicked headache, but I’ve never experienced serious food or filler allergies. Until recently.

My personal “ah-ha” moment came to me in the early summer of 2012 after I had given up all breads, pasta and other non-essential carbs during my annual January detox in an effort to improve my general health. I wasn’t having horrible reactions, I just found these foods were making me feel...


If you've been suffering from brain fog, the inability to lose weight no matter how hard you try, a loss of vital energy, or if you've noticed that the outer third of your eyebrows are thinning, you might want to take a look at your thyroid function.

Facts about Thyroid Health

  1. More than 27 million Americans have some sort of thyroid disease. About 13 million have no idea they suffer from a thyroid imbalance.
  2. One out of 8 women will develop thyroid disease in her lifetime.
  3. EVERY single cell in your body has receptors for thyroid hormones. EVERY major system in your body is directly affected by these hormones: your brain, GI tract, heart, gall bladder, liver, temperature regulation, oxygen usage and the metabolism of bone, red blood cells, lipids, cholesterol, and proteins.
  4. Stress is a major factor that adversely affects the thyroid.
  5. Many thyroid abnormalities are seen during times of fluctuating reproductive hormones such as pregnancy and perimenopause.

Join Pharmacist Lark Scarbrough-Swofford as she...