Gastrointestinal Health

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Talking about gastrointestinal and colorectal health is not a comfortable conversational topic for many people, but if you are having problems, it’s time to have an honest discussion with your physician about your symptoms. From a simplistic point of view, our GI system is basically one big garden hose, and every portion of this hose has a different job to accomplish so that proper digestion, nutrient assimilation and elimination can occur. If there is a kink in our hose, so to speak, we can start to develop symptoms ranging from indigestion, GERD, and constipation to ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids and fissures.


How Can Compounds Help?

By working with your physician, the pharmacists at Abrams Royal Pharmacy can formulate medications to suit your particular situation and symptoms. Some of our most common compounds include the following:

  • Swish and spit formulas for throat and mouth pain
  • Suspensions for GERD and acid reflux
  • Ointments and suppositories for hemorrhoids and fissures
  • “Rectal rockets” for hemorrhoids
  • Transdermal formulations for nausea and vomiting