Neurotransmitters - Urine

Neurotransmitters are the messengers of the nervous system, and if they are out of balance, they can cause the brain to become over or under stimulated which can result in symptoms such as depression, anxiety, adrenal dysfunction, insomnia, impulsivity disorders and more. Brain chemistry is complicated at best and sometimes choosing the right pharmaceutical or neurotransmitter-supporting nutritional supplement can prove to be difficult. By measuring urinary neurotransmitters and their downstream metabolites, we can help uncover nutritional root causes of these imbalances.

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  • NeuroAdvanced Profile: A combination of 15 analytes of neurotransmitters and metabolites

Urine collection is easy and discreet which means no more cumbersome urine jugs that are common with other labs. Urine is collected on specialized filter paper four times during the day and, once dry, is stable for several weeks which makes mailing the sample to the lab easy.

This test comes with a complimentary 1 hour pharmacist consultation to explain the results and guide you with any lifestyle and nutritional supplement decisions. We are also happy to work with your medical practitioner if you need pharmaceutical support.

Please note that this test is not available for patients residing in New York, Maryland or California.