Nutrients - Blood

Virtually all metabolic and developmental processes that take place in the body require micronutrients to function properly. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that nutrient deficiencies can adversely affect our health and these deficiencies can set the stage for chronic disease and compromised immune health at any stage in life, particularly if they persist.

SpectraCell’s Micronutrient test is unique in that it measures the functional level of 31 vitamins, minerals, amino/fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites present within our blood cells. After all, this is where metabolism takes place and where nutrients do their job. Unlike standard serum measurements, which only assess the concentration of extracellular nutrients in a single moment of time, SpectraCell’s Micronutrient test gives us a view of our functional nutritional status from the past four to six months.

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  • Micronutrient Cellular Blood Test: Analysis of 31 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites

SpectraCell’s Micronutrient test requires two vials of blood to be drawn, fasting is not required, and the pharmacy will supply you with the kit to take to a draw site that is convenient to you. For a list of draw sites, please visit and click on the Draw Site tab in the upper right area of the page. We strongly encourage you to call your chosen site to schedule a draw time and discuss any fees associated with their service. The draw site will send your samples directly to SpectraCell and your results will be sent to the pharmacy in two to three weeks.

If you are interested in micronutrient testing, please contact Lark Swofford in our Dallas location (Phone: 214-349-8000 or email:

This test comes with a complimentary pharmacist consultation to explain the results and guide you with any lifestyle and nutritional supplement decisions. We are also happy to work with your medical practitioner if you need pharmaceutical support.

Please note that this test is not available for patients residing in New York.